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Electronic Filing Becomes Mandatory for All Appellate Division Appeals on January 1, 2018

By Andrew Gimigliano on 10/18/2017
Posted In Appellate Division, e-file, eCourts, Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ordered mandatory electronic filing of appeals of all types starting January 1, 2018. Attorneys who file paper appeals after that date will have the documents returned and stamped: “Received But Not Filed – Must Be Filed Electronically.” In order to preserve the original received date, returned unfiled appeals must be filed electronically within fifteen days. Attorneys facing pro se litigants must print the e-filed documents from the eCourts-Appellate system and serve them by mail in accordance with applicable court rules.

The emergent protocol, however, remains unchanged.

The Appellate Division continues to offer eCourts training. The training is free and is offered for CLE credit.