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New Jersey Supreme Court Unveils Virtual Museum

The New Jersey Judiciary unveiled an online museum “that chronicles the rich history of the state’s highest court dating to the adoption of the current state constitution in 1947.”  Created by the New Jersey Supreme Court Historical Advisory Board, the New Jersey Supreme Court Virtual Museum includes photographs, speeches, videos, and correspondence from members of the Court.

The museum includes photographs of the Court over the years, including photographs of the Court sitting in the old courtroom in the Statehouse Annex.  Also included are photographs of the old and current Court conference room, as well as photographs of the Hughes Justice Complex and current courtroom while under construction.  The museum also includes a few photographs from the State’s 1947 Constitutional Convention, which adopted the Constitution that “served as the blueprint for the modern Judiciary that exists today.”

The video library includes oral histories of Justice Gary Stein, Justice Alan Handler, Justice Stewart Pollack, and Justice Peter Verniero.  Other videos include conversations with Chief Justice Richard Hughes and Chief Justice Robert Wilentz, as well as additional interviews and videos of swearing-in ceremonies.

Biographies of the seven Chief Justices preceding Chief Justice Rabner are also part of the museum.

According to the Judiciary, “[i]n addition to maintaining the Virtual Museum, the Historical Advisory Board will develop short- and long-term projects to educate the public, preserve court-related materials and artifacts and commemorate significant court-related milestones.”  Chief Justice Rabner commented that “[t]he Virtual Museum is part of an ongoing effort to preserve our history and educate the public about the work and legacy of the Supreme Court. We hope visitors to the site find it informative and engaging.”

For lawyers and students of history alike, the Virtual Museum is worth the visit.  Visit it here.